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Bring Harmony to your life

It all starts here.

Harmony Music School offers students of all ages a solid foundation in piano, violin and guitar proficiency.

No matter what your current abilities are, 

or the levels to which you aspire, you are 

guaranteed quality instruction from

our team of passionate teachers.

Continue browsing to read about our programmes, teachers,

student experiences, and so much more.

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Piano Concert Hall

Ludwig van Beethoven

“Music can change the world.”

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Our Programmes

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Introductory Course for Kids

Give your child the best possible start.

Choose from two acclaimed child-centered music curricula.

Harmony Road Music Courses is a comprehensive and progressive music teaching system consisting of interactive classes designed to teach children keyboard playing, solfege, rhythm, ear training, and music reading skills. 

Encore! Kinder Beat uses groundbreaking teaching methods to stimulate children’s cognitive development and exposure to solfege, rhythm, music reading skills, and foster progressive learning through fun-filled activities such as movement, dance, and ensemble playing.

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Piano & Keyboard

Apart from the established ABRSM exams, which focuses on a classical grounding in music theory, we can

also prepare you for the ANZCA exams, a fast growing examination standard which covers modern contemporary

genres such as blues, jazz and ragtime. Also growing in popularity are the TRINITY exams, which cover a wide spectrum of genres, including classical, rock and pop.

For children as young as four years old, their early interest in the keyboard can be nurtured through the Encore! On Keys programme.

Or maybe you just want to pick up some

basic piano proficiency with a touch of formal theory. Talk to us and we can customise a programme

to meet your specific learning objectives. 

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Girl Playing Violin


"Violin was my first form of expression -

and still is in a lot of ways" - Amanda Shires

The violin is one of the most important instruments in the orchestra. Its bright tone allows it to carry a melody, while its vocal quality is capable of conveying emotions.

At Harmony, you can take one of two pathways to mastering the violin. The ABRSM exams provide a solid foundation in music theory and classical grounding, while the TRINITY exams cover a wide range of practical techniques. 

We can also help you discover the violin if all you want is to play it casually. No exams. Pure joy. 

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“I just go where the guitar takes me”

- Angus Young

Whether you are looking to reacquaint

yourself with the guitar, or pick it up

for the first time, we can help get you

to the next level.

We can prepare you for the TRINITY exams

in the classical, acoustic or electric guitar,

where you can get exposed to a variety of

contemporary musical styles. Or, if you want a solid foundation in music theory and all that classical stuff, we can

also help you in the ABRSM exams.

Or maybe you don’t want any

of that exam stress. That’s fine too.

Let us know your learning objectives and

we can customise a learning

experience just for you. 

Teenger Playing Guitar
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Romantic Sunset

Louis Armstrong

“Music is life itself.”

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